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Journal of Research in Chemistry

2022, Vol. 3, Issue 1, Part A
Phytochemical profiling of red mangrove plant (Rhizophora racemosa) bark: A factor to its applications

Author(s): Korfii U, Boisa N and Ideriah TJK

Abstract: The application of extracts from red mangrove plant (Rhizophora racemosa) bark has awakened the need to profile the phytochemicals of the plant. The study characterized the extracts of the red mangrove plant (Rhizophora racemosa) to investigate the profile of its phytochemicals. The extraction was conducted using the conventional technique, utilizing water and ethanol as solvents. Classical phytochemical screening techniques and a Gas Chromatography – Flame Ionization Detector (GC-FID) were used to characterize the extracts. Preliminary phytochemical screening of the extracts revealed the presence of tannins, alkaloids, steroids, cardiac glycosides, flavonoids, anthraquinone, saponins, and terpenoids. Terpenoids and alkaloids were absent in the water extract. The GC-FID indicated the concentrations; alkaloids 2.5171 µg/ml, tannins 4.7026 µg/ml, flavonoids 26.084 µg/ml, saponins 4.2997 µg/ml, phenol 11.8429 µg/ml, oxalate 2.3746 µg/ml, phytate 1.9860 µg/ml and steroids 11.9544 µg/ml. The ethanol extract showed the following concentrations; alkaloids 1.6344 µg/ml, tannins 4.6642 ug/ml, flavonoids 28.859 ug/ml, saponins 3.9587 µg/ml, phenol 6.9698 µg/ml, oxalate 2.5587 µg/ml, phytate 0.6926 µg/ml and steroids 12.4892 µg/ml. The high phytochemical content of these extracts implies that they might be used as a therapeutic plant as well as for other industrial purposes.

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Korfii U, Boisa N, Ideriah TJK. Phytochemical profiling of red mangrove plant (Rhizophora racemosa) bark: A factor to its applications. J Res Chem 2022;3(1):10-14.
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