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P-ISSN: 2709-9415, E-ISSN: 2709-9423

2023, Vol. 4, Issue 2, Part A

Eco-friendly synthesis and characterization of strontium oxide nanoparticles by reduction method

Author(s): M Subathra and M Vellaisamy

Abstract: Strontium Oxide Nanoparticles was synthesized by using piper betle leaf extract. This method is used as cost effective and eco-friendly green method assisted by piper betle leaf extract. The UV absorption spectrophotometer analysis of leaf extract and metal compounds showed absorbance spectra range is in 200-800 nm. The UV-Vis spectroscopy shows surface Plasmon resonance of SrO nanoparticles at 240 nm. The adsorption peak up for different size of nanoparticles is due to a physical process of surface Plasmon resonance indicates the particles are poly dispersed. The FT-IR measurements were carried out to identify the formation of Strontium oxide nanoparticles and possible molecules such as OH, C=C, C=O and aromatic compounds. The FT-IR analysis played a pivoted role in displaying the nanoparticles which showed strong absorbance in the range 900-700 cm-1 for Strontium oxide nanoparticles. The diffraction peaks and planes of ions are indexed. From the ‘X’ ray diffraction analysis, the size of the Strontium oxide nanoparticles is 42 nm calculated by Debye scherrer’s equation. The size, shape and structure of nanoparticles were also analyzed by scanning electron microscope and it shows almost spherical shape of nanoparticles aggregation. This green synthesis method has many advantages over the chemical method, because it reduces the use of toxic metals in the synthesis process.

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Journal of Research in Chemistry
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M Subathra, M Vellaisamy. Eco-friendly synthesis and characterization of strontium oxide nanoparticles by reduction method. J Res Chem 2023;4(2):38-43.
Journal of Research in Chemistry
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